So this happened at the weekend.

Hackney Half Marathon.

Not the actual event, that’s in May, just the signing up process. And my friends didn’t even ply me with wine. I love working out, its my job. but I have never been a ‘runner’. I love short distance sprints, 100m or 200m. But I’ve never actually, well, gone the distance. It’s a scary prospect. I’ve heard marathon horror stories from clients and friends own experiences of blackened toe nails and calf cramps.

But having said that, it’s all well and good getting strong and lifting weights but I made a resolution this year to step up my fitness levels in the endurance sort of way. I want to be able to enjoy running. I’m jealous of those people who pop out for a casual hour long run and come back with a euphoric smile on their face. Can’t say I’ve experienced this during a run yet, though you always feel great after.

Full outfit is from Nike, though the spring/summer collection has just hit. They still have thermal training options in store and on the site for this cold weather though.

I signed up with my best friends and we did our first training session this weekend. Wrapped up warm in Nike and Decathlon thermals, a little 5k around Islington to ease into training. Now we just have to get through that, times four. I can’t say I experienced a rush of endorphins throughout it. Debbie said I was glowing, but feel free to read that as dying. But I’m happy I got through it and felt pretty good at the end. Next session we are going to push a bit further at 7k, then 10k and build it from there. In my own time, I’m going to work at beating my own 5k time and get a proper plan in place.

First observations? It’s definitely a lot to do with pushing mental barriers. I need to learn to pace my breath a bit better, and also work on the stride and gate. Everyones seen that episode of Friends where Rachel and Phoebe go for a run right? Phoebes run? That’s me right there.

Stomach’s growling loudly, we ventured out after training and Debbie introduced to me an amazing little brunch place called EZ and Moss at the start of Highbury and Islington. The food is sooo good and the prices even better. Perfect protein/carb split refuel after training!

I’m going to keep up quite regularly with posts on training for this half marathon all the way till the D date in May. I’m pretty sure most of them will consist of my soul slightly dying, but as I’d call myself a newbie runner hopefully I can share a little insight to anyone interested in lacing up, and getting out on the streets.

Also hoping to do this for charity, but yet to decide which one. Will keep you posted! Have any of you run long distances? If you have any tips send them through!