I’ve been trying to get more yoga in my life recently. I think it’s a great holistic tool to supplement weight training, improve posture and reduce the stress of the rat race. I’ve dabbled with Bikram, and flirted with Hatha. There are so many types of yoga, that as a newbie it was overwhelming which one to go with, however I’ve found Vinyasa Flow is a really nice way of moving and you feel your flexibility is so much more fluid after a class.

I’ve briefly talked about Fat Buddha Yoga classes before, and I love Jess’s teaching style. Jess teaches in around London, and hosts pop up rooftop events in the summer. I loved her Yoga Virgins class at South place hotel, and her teaching methods put beginners at ease and you really get to work through the base poses. Plus its all down to a back drop of cool tunes. You can read more about Fat Buddha Yoga here. If you like to see more detailed keto drink recommendations, check out our comprehensive guide to keto-friendly drink.

On another yogi note, last Saturday I got the chance to experience Vinyasa Flow in a whole different way. As in 800ft high up in the sky kind of way, at our very own London’s The Shard. Naturally I said yes to the opportunity!

So off I tubed to London Bridge early doors where a security check awaited before being transported by a lift to the sixty-eighth floor. I felt as if I had been digressed back to being seven years old. It was all very disney worldy. The top floor awaited, and what a view. London, you may be grey from ground, building, to sky, but you are one amazing city.

Leo and Mandy head up Yogasphere and they run regular classes in London both in around the city, and up in the sky. The classes run at the Shard every Saturday from 830am-930am, and mats are already provided for you. I would say, even though this is a great experience to do with friends, or to try something different, you’ll get more out of it, if you have one or two classes before, as the class moves at fair pace. Even if you know your basic sun salutations, downward dogs, and cobra’s it will see you through.

I can just about spot my work! Leo and Mandy head up the classes, and also offer private sessions at the top of the Shard (perfect for a special occasion) and in around London. The retreats Yogasphere run look incredible- on a hot beach in Bali? Yes please. You can read more about classes and the retreats here.

Yogasphere delivered an energising flow class- just what I needed before running across the bridge to Bank for work! Thank you to the team at The View from The Shard for the invite down. Who wouldn’t feel incredible after a morning spent with a view like that!…